The Role of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in Downfall of Communism
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Rev. Moon's Life

Reverend Moon was born in North Korea in 1920 at a time when his nation was a colony of the Japanese Empire. From 1905 to 1945 Koreans had their language, their culture and their history replaced by Japanese language, culture and history. Rev. Moon grew up during this period in Korean history.

Because of the living conditions of Korea, he developed an understanding of colonialism and of repression. He understood why some of his friends opted for communism rather than democracy. Communists seemed to care more about the problem of imperialism than the democratic powers did. Many of them such as Great Britain and France had their own empires.

Between 1936 and 1945 Reverend Moon had many direct spiritual experiences which led him to opt for the religious way of life.

Rev. Moon’s teachings, known comprehensively as Unification Theory, were received by him during this nine year period of prayer. They consist of the Divine Principle (the theological expression of his work), Unification Thought (a more philosophical expression) and Victory of Communism Theory, which is an application of Unification Thought to the specific problem of communism.
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