The Role of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in Downfall of Communism
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Rev. Moon's Activities

In 1945 Rev. Moon began to share his message first in South Korea and then in North Korea in 1946.

In 1947 he was arrested by North Korean authorities for his religious activities in a communist nation that was officially atheistic. On September 18, 1947 he was beaten almost to death by North Korean interrogators.

When he recuperated from these beatings, he immediately began his ministry anew. In February 1948 he was arrested a second time. In April 1948 he was sentenced to a labor camp in North Korea for his religious activities.

On October 14, 1950 he was liberated from a North Korean prison camp by United Nations forces under the leadership of General Douglas MacArthur.

Reverend Moon began his ministry in Pusan in 1951 in the South of Korea following his release from a North Korean prison camp.

In 1954 he founded the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity which came to be known as the Unification Church although Reverend Moon never intended to create a Church.
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