The Role of Rev. Sun Myung Moon in Downfall of Communism
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The Victory over Communism Initiative

Aware of the growing problem of communist expansion he instructed and worked with one of his early followers Dr. Sang Hun Lee to develop a critique and counterproposal to communism.

The initiative proved to be very influential in that the critique challenged the very central underpinnings of Marxism including Marx’s views on alienation, political economy, and dialectical and historical materialism. To know more about this, kindly consult the CAUSA Lecture Manual which is available to you on this website.

By 1960 a foundation for this work exposing the dangers of communism was established in Korea. In the 1960s it expanded to Japan where members of Rev. Moon’s movement regularly challenged communism in public events in Tokyo and other major Japanese cities.

In the 1960s these initiatives also expanded to the United States where the Freedom Leadershp Foundation (FLF) was established. FLF created a weekly newspaper known as the Rising Tide, which directly challenged communism and its activities.
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